Setup.exe using 90% of cpu

  birdface 22:03 PM 08 Aug 11


I was on my daughters computer a short while ago and found it struggling to open new pages.Went into Task Manager and setup.exe was using about 90% of the Cpu.

I let it run for a short time but it was still using up most of the Cpu, So removed it from Task Manager.

Now am I liable to have problems now with it not running.Memory was over 200.000K.

In some cases it is classed as a Virus and others as needed.

I did read somewhere that some of Microsoft Fix It programs use it and I have downloaded and run a couple of them in the last week.

Will give it a good check up tomorrow when I am back down at her house.

But looking for any information as to what to look for before I go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:50 PM 08 Aug 11

Run Malwarebytes heres

  birdface 23:20 PM 08 Aug 11

Ok Fruit Bat /\0/\ will give that a try tomorrow.Thanks.

  birdface 18:27 PM 09 Aug 11

Ran malwarebytet and Eset scan and nothing was found.

Deleted one of the Microsoft Fix it's that I found.Rebooted and although setup.exe did appear it was only for a few seconds so no problem with it today.

So will class as resolved but if it comes back so will I.Arnie as well maybe.


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