setup.exe contains a virus

  Conil 20 Oct 11

Every time I try to download a program/update, I get the message "setup.exe contains a virus and has been deleted." This occurs even when I try to dowload a virus checker. I have AVG and Ad-aware but still get the problem with these turned off. I am running Windows 7. Any help please?

  john bunyan 20 Oct 11

Some info here: (google for others)

  buteman 20 Oct 11

See if you can download and run HitmanPro and see if it finds any problems.

What program is telling you that you have a virus.

  Conil 20 Oct 11

Thanks Buteman and John Bunyan. Unfortunately I can't download anything (either to run or to save) without getting a message it contained a virus and was deleted. I've tried disabling antivirus and deleting all recent Windows updates but with no change. The virus message is displayed with a red shield with a white cross within. Thanks

  gengiscant 20 Oct 11

You may have a smitfraud infection.

A stubborn piece of malware, reboot that pc into safe mode with networking and run a few scans. AVG should run a comand line scan in safe mode. Turn off system restore because it's already embedded in your registry and system restore remembers it. Turn that computer OFF. Wait 30 seconds, the second you turn it back on, start pressing the F8 key, tapping it once a second until the advanced menu comes up. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to highlight safe mode with networking and press ENTER. Twice if you have to. If you haven't seen your computer like this, don't worry, everything will look very different but you can get online which is what you'll need to do to download stuff. Stuff that should get rid of this spyware you have. It may take a few hours to run a few scans but you need to do it. Yes. You'll be fine, we all have the same issues from time to time. When you download these programs, run an update BEFORE you run a scan. Log into safe mode with networking under administrator if given the option, if it asks for a password and you never logged on as admin, leave it blank.Download, update and run programs.

Download these. Superantispy Malwarebytes both are free.

To turn off system restore: System restore once clean turn it back on.

  johndrew 20 Oct 11

Which program is identified as producing the warning, AVG, Ad-aware or something else? If it is either of these you should be able to either 'Ignore' the warning or add it to the 'White List'. This assumes you are fully confident in the source of the software you are setting up.

Have you installed a rogue piece of software from somewhere? If so you should remove it from your PC using Add/Remove and then run a scan.

You could also try the above actions in 'Safe Mode' if necessary.

  gengiscant 20 Oct 11

Is this what you are seeing? VIRUS

  Conil 21 Oct 11

Thanks for all your suggestions. In the end, I had to restore back to July, which appears to have cured the problem.


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