Setup updating config. files at every restart ?

  bloo meeny 21:20 13 Mar 03

For about a week now, when restarting my pc, it displays the message below EVERY TIME when booting up/ restarting.
Surely, this should only happen when something has been modified ?
Message only shows for a few seconds but two questions...

1) Should I be concerned ?(computer seems to be ok)
2) Any way to stop this happening ?

Windows 98SE, by the way.
Thanks for any help !

Please wait while Setup updates your configuration files.
This may take a few minutes.

Completed updating files - continuing to load windows.

  misog 22:10 13 Mar 03

I have noticed this recently but dont know the cause. I am running Windows ME

  Stokey 22:14 13 Mar 03

Some games will cause this. For instance, SimGolf and the like.

  alan K 22:24 13 Mar 03

O/S Win98SE. Funny but I`ve had the same messages this last week !
Annoying rather than anything else. No games loaded; Thanks for airing it bloo meeny.

  misog 22:44 13 Mar 03

I have found that Ad-aware causes this when it has found a problem.

  bloo meeny 23:33 13 Mar 03

Thanks for the responses so far :)

  bloo meeny 16:53 19 May 03

(found in computer magazine)

Find the Wininit.ini file (should be in Windows folder) and rename it to Wininit.old

Restart PC and messages are gone !

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