Chrissy R 19:57 22 Jun 08

After joining BT could not set up broadband wirelessly. Was advised by them that I would have to plug hub directly into pc to set up. Carried everything downstairs and did as they instructed and then went back to wirless set up - all OK. Have now realised that husband has no connection - presumably will have to go through same procedure again. Is this right or am I talking a load of rubbish!

  Acx 00:58 23 Jun 08

If it worked for one computer then yes it should work for the other.

When I first set up a Sky/Laptop wireless network they recommended the same thing.

  brundle 01:08 23 Jun 08

You only need to connect the PC with a cable the first time to set up the hub, you shouldn't have to do the same for other machines. Search for Wireless Networks on the PC, hit one of the two buttons on the homehub to allow assocation with wireless devices, select your network on the PC, type in the passphrase, click OK.

  Chrissy R 22:34 23 Jun 08

Should have explained properly in my question - husband and myself both use same pc. when i log on - no problems. when husband logs on - has no internet connection. presumed it was because when i connected home hub direct to pc for original connection it was me that was logged on.

  brundle 23:56 23 Jun 08

You mean different accounts, right? XP or Vista? Laptop or desktop? Built-in wireless or USB device?

  Chrissy R 20:43 24 Jun 08

When we turn on PC comes up with box with my name in it and I click on OK and it then opens up in my name - everything seems to be working OK. If my husband deletes my name and enters his it opens up in his name but not with exactly the same set-up (different icons on desktop for example). If he tries to connect to internet it states 'cannot connect to internet'. I was assuming that this was because the BT wireless set up was done under my log-in. I am on XP on a desktop and have USB wireless device.

  brundle 21:41 24 Jun 08

No, that makes sense - you are logging in using separate accounts. You need to run through the `Connect to Wireless Network` steps on your husband's account, it should only take a minute.

Just check whether the accounts are Adminstrator or Limited by going to Control Panel/User Accounts. Limited accounts often restrict the account holder from configuring the internet connection so you might need to change the remaining account to Administrator temporarily.

This site is full of into about the Homehub and instructions for use click here, read the section titled Connecting via wireless

  brundle 21:42 24 Jun 08

full of "info", of course

  Chrissy R 22:08 27 Jun 08

Thanks Brundle - Amazing I was right for a change! Will look at site about Homehub. Thanks for info.
Chrissy R

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