Setting time stamp on video camera?

  bumpkin 15 Aug 12

Hi everyone, I have a cheapo little keyring camera which works quite well but I cannot set the time on it. The instructions read as follows.

"To set the time correctly:

Connect the keychain camera to your computer via USB cable Create a TAG.txt file at the root directory of the Memory Disk, type the three line of text in this blank file just like below: [date] 2012/01/01 12.00.00

Save the file and quit. Unplug camera from computer. Turn on the camera, then turn off the camera, When you do this the camera reads the time.txt file, sets the time/date on the camera according towhat you typed in the file and then erases the time.txt file"

Can someone clarify this for me please. Where do I create the TAG file on the PC or the camera and if the camera how? If it is on the PC then how can the camera read it if unplugged.


  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

"Create a TAG.txt file at the root directory of the Memory Disk". The memory disk is your camera or disk in it.

  bumpkin 15 Aug 12

Thanks Woolwell, I guessed it had to be on the camera but how do I do this? Camera is drive G;

click on G gives folder DCIM

click on that gives folder 100MEDIA

click on that gives photo and video files which I can play.

How do I create a TAG.txt file, I can see no options for creating a new file or folder.


  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

The root directory is G and you should not need to enter DCIM, etc. I've not created a tag file for a camera. You can create a txt file using Word and saving as a plain text document or WordPad again saving as plain text. I think that what the instructions are asking you to do is create a plain text document with the text of date and time, saved as TAG.txt and then copied and pasted into camera.

  bumpkin 15 Aug 12

Thanks again, I will give that a try.


  bumpkin 15 Aug 12

Done it at last, could not use cut & paste but drag and drop worked in Windows Explorer.

Thanks for your advice Woolwell it was most helpful.


  Woolwell 15 Aug 12

Assume that the time is now correct. Thanks for the feedback. BTW try to avoid using cut and paste with important files. Use copy and paste and you still have the original if anything goes wrong. You can always then delete the original.


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