Setting up router for games

  scooby43 20:39 27 Jul 04

Hi all I am wondering if anyoe can share there experiences with setting up routers to be able to host games etc.
I have a DG834g Netgear Router, I have looked into making a new inbound firewall rule but I dont know what all the service options are for is there anywhere I can found out all this information so that I know what does what if you know what I mean?

When setting up a rule I want to make sure I know what port its using as I dont want to have anything opened unexpected that I dont know about. I hope someone understands what I am trying to achieve cheers

  vinnyT 11:48 28 Jul 04

Hi scooby43, this link may be a better place to help you with your query, it's the exiled gamers' website... click here

Plus it bumps you back to page 1, hope this helps.

  vaughan007 12:42 28 Jul 04

Routers that are not correctly set up or are simply not up to the job can cause all sorts of problems for online gaming (ping/lag spikes being the typical problem).

Research very carefully before buying anything and setting it up.

  scooby43 16:42 28 Jul 04

thanks for the replys it might be a case of ip forwarding but I heared its not a good idea

  scooby43 23:23 02 Aug 04

just wondering should I email netgear on how to do it or are routers not designed for games.

  Falkyrn 00:02 03 Aug 04

Basically it's a matter of port forwarding from within the routers software controls

  scooby43 11:31 03 Aug 04

not sure how to do that

  Falkyrn 21:10 03 Aug 04

Within your browser you can access the set up files of the router ... the manual should give you the numerical address to type in.

Within this there are a number of options to adjust and you also will find out the Ip address that is being issued to each machine on your network.

Different games require different ports open although they all fall within certain limits.

For example on my linksys router they are under advanced tools and forwarding I believe the netgear is similar

  Falkyrn 21:15 03 Aug 04

Have a look at click here for more info re routers

  scooby43 10:24 04 Aug 04

I have in Advanced
WAN Setup
Dynamic DNS
LAN IP Setup
Remote Management
Static Routes

  Falkyrn 22:26 04 Aug 04

Obviously my own router st up is different but if you have a look at netgears own pages at click here there is some clear info about configuration for gaming

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