setting up a printer

  fire 14:07 05 Oct 14

hi i have a new main computer which has kodak printer installed on it and is directly attached via usb cable. I ahve set up the old computer in another room and is connected to the internet via powerline adaptor. I would like to be able to print from this computer also ....any help as to how to do it...many thanks in advance....

  john bunyan 14:11 05 Oct 14

Maybe you could connect the printer to the router by internet cable, and make it a "network printer" from which both PC's can print. Your printer manual should describe how to do it. You will need the printer software on both PC's

  fire 14:27 05 Oct 14

It doesnt seem to have an ethernet port...

  john bunyan 14:31 05 Oct 14

You do not mention the model. I saw the link below, but I have a different make (Canon) so maybe a Kodak user will reply.

Kodak Printer

  fire 14:35 05 Oct 14

sorry yes its kodak hero 5.1

  BRYNIT 15:09 05 Oct 14

This will help you share a none wifi printer over a network CLICK HERE.

  john bunyan 15:11 05 Oct 14

I suspect one will have to be wireless connected, or you can use Cloud printing. Not my area of expertise .Another link:


  Ian in Northampton 16:12 05 Oct 14

The key is that all the PCs that are connected to the router also belong to the same Workgroup. Once they are, it couldn't be simpler, as the instructions BRYNIT points to demonstrate. Then, go to your old PC, run the routine to add a printer, and select to add a network printer. The wizard will then search for, and hopefully find, the printer attached to your new PC. It is, however, often slightly more difficult if not all the PCs are W7 - but even if they're e.g. XP, it's still possible - just a bit more faffing about (technical term...)

  john bunyan 16:55 05 Oct 14

Ian in Northampton I believe this printer has no Ethernet port, so am not sure how it become part of a network?

  Woolwell 17:23 05 Oct 14

It will only work if the computer which has the printer connected to it by USB is on when you want to print.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:33 05 Oct 14

Does the router have a USB port?

if so you can connect the printer to the routers USb port and any PC connected by cable or wireless will be able to use the printer without any other PC being on.

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