Setting up permissions on local network

  dottm 15:48 10 Aug 07

I am having difficulty setting up permissions to folder on my local area network and was looking for a little help or advice.

Basically i have a computer up in the atic called Jupiter, This is a file server which im intending on storing all my media and my documents.

I then have two other computer called pluto and neptune. these two are systems i use from within the house.

I want to be able to hold all of the media and my documents on jupiter and be able to access them from naptune and pluto. There are 5 different users of the computers pluto and neptune.

within jupiter there is 3 hard drives, one on which windows is installed, one that contains all my media (music, videos etc) and one which i will contain all "my documents" on,

I have set the hard drive with the media on to share on the network and set the permissions as "everyone" to have full access.

Now it seems to be getting a little difficult with setting up my documents, on the hdd containing my documents i have 5 "my documents" folders now i want the user on either pluto or neptune to be able to access their corresponding my documents folder. However i cannot seem to achieve this.

I have tried creating 5 user accounts on jupiter and set the permissions for each user but i want to be able to access the folders from the other computers. If i set a permission for everyone to have full view i can access each folder.

if there is not any way to specifically define the permissions is there anyway i can set a password for each folder.

Any help would be appreciated,

  brundle 16:06 10 Aug 07

Which OS & filesystem on each computer?

  dottm 16:26 10 Aug 07

they are all running xp pro with sp2

  brundle 16:33 10 Aug 07

NTFS for each drive?

  brundle 16:38 10 Aug 07

Is the problem that all computers can see all folders, or that specific PCs cannot view the `My Documents` folder you want them to be able to access?

  dottm 16:41 10 Aug 07

all ntfs drives, they can see the shared drives but if you access it when i have attempted to put permissions on it then it says i dont have the privlages and to contact a local Admin

  brundle 17:06 10 Aug 07

Have you tried creating corresponding accounts/user names on the host PC, including passwords for the accounts?

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