Setting Nexus 7 to recieve mail

  Hetti 18:52 PM 28 Dec 12

I got a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas and have spent the days since then trying to set it to so I can receive my email on the move, my email account is with win live mail, I did find an app on tab for it, but after downloading it it just hung I never got past the two little men going round and round! there were a few of reviews about this app and there all agreed it did not work but I tried it anyway. So can anyone out there direct me to a easy way to get my mail on tab please?

  mgmcc 20:48 PM 28 Dec 12

I don't have an Android "tablet" but, in my Android phone, if I open the Mail app and from its menus select "New account" one of the option is for Microsoft Hotmail. It just asks for the email address and password. Can you not go along that route?

  muddypaws 21:54 PM 28 Dec 12

Have tou tried the Android N7 forums here:N7 Forum.

  muddypaws 21:55 PM 28 Dec 12


  Hetti 08:01 AM 29 Dec 12

Mgmcc I tried that course, it would not accept user name and password, l will speak to Virgin media today see if I can get this sorted.


That is a great site I will take a look at it in depth today, I'm sure I will find lots of info for my tablet there. Thanks Guys


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