setting up new hard drive (bios)

  dkuk2000 22:59 21 Jul 03

I'm running winme on a pentium 2 350mhz,128mb ram
i've just installed a 20gb hdd and set a 8.5gb partition.
But my internet seems to be slow and i mean slow for 56k modem.
What does LANDZ mean in hard drive set up,could this be causing problems with the internet.
Other than that the pc is running perfectly somebody please help

  DieSse 23:27 21 Jul 03

LANDZ has nothing whatsoever to do with the internet, performance of your system or drive, or any other factor in your system

Landz - refers to the landing zone of the hard drive. All drives have them - it's the area on the disk saurfce where the heads come to rest on the disk surface when the drive stops. It's an internal drive thing, and all modern drives are auto-parking anyway - that is, when power is removed from the drive, the heads automatically move to the landing zone as the drive spins down.

You don't need to even set this parameter, you should be setting your BIOS to Auto for the drive type - this is the default and recommended setting.

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