Setting up New Disk

  RGB76 13:49 26 Oct 09

Hi All

I`ve just bouight a new Maxtor 160 Gig Internal Hard Drive and need help setting it up.
I thought it was just a case of partioning and formatting, but it says this can`t be done as the disk is not initialised, and I don`t know how to do that. I fell I must be getting a bit thick in my old age.
Any help with this would be very much appreciated.



  Happy37 13:50 26 Oct 09

Hi RGB76 - I recently set up two new HDDs in Windows XP Pro - if you right click the My Computer icon, and then left click will bring up the Computer Management applet.

In there, all I did was to selecr the new HDD and Windows just came up and said that it needed to initialise the dsik before formatting etc... could take place. Did this, and all was well.

Want to try the above? - waht OS are you using?

  Happy37 13:51 26 Oct 09

sorry select, not selecr...typo.

  Happy37 13:51 26 Oct 09

ditto...disk, not dsik.

What OS, not waht...duh.....

  RGB76 14:01 26 Oct 09

Its Vista Premium and I`m trying to get the new disk ready to instal Windows 7 in dual booting.

  RGB76 14:02 26 Oct 09

Its Vista Premium and I`m trying to get the new disk ready to instal Windows 7 in dual booting.

  woodchip 14:03 26 Oct 09

If you are just wanting a bigger Disc, use XXCOPY to clone the drive contents to the new disc. You need to fit the drive temporary With Cables connected, drive in bottom of computer. click here

  RGB76 14:17 26 Oct 09

Sorry about the other thread , I have ticked resolved on that but it seems to take a while to get through..
I want to prpare the New Disk ready for Windows 7, I don`t want to lose Vista.

I`ve set up loads of hard drives before today but seem to have forgotten most of it



  RGB76 14:18 26 Oct 09

Poste Twice, Boy! am I having a Bad Day..

  RGB76 14:42 26 Oct 09

Many thanks to everyone for your help. I have got the disk up and running OK.
Memory working again now, so I`ll install Windows 7 while everything is right.

Kindest Regards


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