setting up network between windows 2000 and xp

  scooby43 10:45 02 May 03

hi all

I have windows 2000 on my main machine and windows xp home on the other my network works but when finding it on the other machine xp home it asks for a name and password to connect to the network strange cause I didnt set it to do that and I am also having trouble getting mine to share the internet with the other computer I use zonealarm which I have configured the network through there. am I right in saying that you can or cant set up the network from windows 2000 to xp or does it have to be xp to windows 2000


  scooby43 11:40 02 May 03


  scooby43 13:27 02 May 03

hi again

I have managed to set up the internet for the other computer but I am still having a problem when making a file shared for the other pc to see it comes up asking for a password still does anyone know why and how to clear it


  scooby43 17:21 02 May 03

can anyone advice me on what to do

  hillybilly 18:59 02 May 03

Scooby you must have a user name and password to log on with. Just create an identical user on both machines. Although you say you have not set up any users, I am sure if you press "Ctrl Alt Delete" you bring up the task mananger window and it tell you who are logged on as.

  scooby43 20:10 02 May 03

thanks for ur reply I mean it happens when I go through search and find computers on the network type in my name for my comp and it appears when I double click to open it thats when the user and pass comes up but what ever I try it still keeps coming up?
so it wont let me access what is being shared.

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