setting up my linsky router

  nique 14:16 10 Aug 06

how do i go about setting up my linsky router step by step

  FelixTCat 14:28 10 Aug 06


Setting it up to do what, exactly?

Do you have an internet connection? Cable or adsl?

How many pcs are you trying to connect? What are their operating systems?

Do you have any instructions for it?



  nique 16:30 10 Aug 06

well i have dsl modem and i do have an internet connection and yes i do have instructions for it but when i went through the instructions and did everything they say do at the end it say it couldnt find an internet connection so i did it over again and it still did it and then i tried to register the router and it wouldnt let me do it i am trying to set up my laptop and my home computer up to the router

  FelixTCat 17:11 10 Aug 06


Thank you for that. I think it best if we go step by step.

1. Can you access the internet if you connect one of your pcs to the adsl modem directly?

If you can't, your modem is set up wrongly and you must first fix that.

2. Enable the modem's DHCP server. What addresses is it giving out?

3. If you can, disconnect the pc from the modem, connect it to the router and turn on the router. Do not connect the router to the modem. Your router's instructions will tell you the IP address of the router's set-up pages. Put that address into your browser and click Go. Can you access the router's setup page?

4. If you can access the router's set-up pages, disable the router's DHCP server and set the router's IP address to a number close to the modem's IP address e.g. if the modem is set the router to; if the modem is 912.168.0.254, set the router to Write down the number you have set.

5. Connect the router to the modem again. If you input the mode's IP address can you log on to the modem's setup pages? Can you now log on to the internet?

Let us know if any stage doesn't work.



  Strawballs 18:30 10 Aug 06

Is your internet connection Via cable or phone line.

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