Setting up a Mail Server

  jl007 14:47 21 Mar 08

I have just purchased a dedicated server to host a website and act as a mail server, unfortunately upon initial set up I made the mistake of allowing anon SMTP access which resulted in my server being Spammed to the max and my server being switched off and having to be re-imaged. Could anyone advise me on how to set up my mail server so that (as far as possible) I can prevent this from happening again.


  recap 18:55 21 Mar 08

A little more information on which mail server you are installing could help somebody give you advise jl007.

  jl007 19:08 21 Mar 08

I'm running windows server 2003 and using the default SMtp virtual server on IIS 6. Basically if I allow anon access and require basic authentication (including TLS encryption) will that reduce the risk of spammers using my server to relay spam? When only checking allow authentication and sending an email from a yahoo account it is returned informing me that 'could not authenticate'

A little bit stuck as all I am being told is to restrict users by only allowing specific IP's but as the users neede to access email from a variety of places (including wi fi spots) I don't know how this can be done or if this is the right direction to go down.

  recap 19:46 21 Mar 08

click here this may be of some help to you jl007?

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