Setting up LAN with Speedtouch 510 ADSL modem

  Ken Ju-On 05:54 03 Oct 03


I have a Speedtouch 510 DSL modem, and up to four computers can be connected to it via Ethernet ports. My two computers are connected to it, and both can access the Internet, but cannot access each other as a LAN.

I know that my modem is capable of connecting the two computers as a LAN as well (i.e acting as a hub). Can anyone advise me how to do this? A web link would be welcome as well.

  Forum Editor 07:18 03 Oct 03

and will, as you say, enable you to use your machines on a network.

Before this will work however, you'll need to configure both machines for networking, and I wonder if you've done that? You don't mention which version of windows you're running, but you need to run the networking wizard on both of them. Make sure that both computers have the same workgroup name - it doesn't matter what it is, but the default is MSHOME.

Try doing that, and I'm sure you'll find all is well.

  Ken Ju-On 13:30 03 Oct 03

I'm on XP... I tried configuring ICF with it but didn't work. Do I have to configure them as "directly connected to the Internet?" (after all, they're not that directly connected, but go through a router.)

They're both on the same workgroup but can't access each other... guess something needs configuring.

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