Setting up hotkey to enter email address

  boxoffice 19:17 19 Jan 07

Is there a way to program your email address into a "hotkey". So you dont have to type it each time - just hit one key to enter it or Alt + one key

Autofill doesnt seem to work for this on my laptop

Any help appreciated

  SANTOS7 19:28 19 Jan 07

In an empty space on your Desktop > Right click > New > Shortcut

In the window asking for the location, type the following including the colon:

mailto:[email protected]
yuor address= whatever it is..

Next > Call it say Dave's email > Finish

Now Right click the new shortcut > Properties > Place your cursor in the area where it says 'None' > Press a key say E
It will automatically add Ctrl+Alt in front of your E > Apply/OK

Now when you want to send an email, press the Ctrl+Alt+E keys and you will open a new message with your email address already added.

  SLAYER 20:27 19 Jan 07


good tip.

  SANTOS7 20:30 19 Jan 07

Hope it works..

  Tim1964 23:21 19 Jan 07

Opening up a new message in OE will put your address in it automatically anyway, well the default one that is and the others are in the drop down part of the address box.

The OP, like myself, might have been looking for a way to enter an email address with 'one click' onto web forms/letters/the body of an email/forums etc.

  boxoffice 06:39 20 Jan 07

TIM1964 has it right.

I am looking for a way to enter an email address with 'one click or Alt click' onto web forms/letters/the body of an email/forums etc.

Any ideas please?

  Taff™ 11:52 20 Jan 07

click here Iuse the Google autofill feature on it`s toolbar. I don`t however store any sensitive data like credit card details etc and it certainly saves time on the web forms.

  boxoffice 14:01 20 Jan 07

Autofill works well for form filling etc
But there's lots of times where I want to put my email address down & Autofill will not be available for that. Hence wanting a hotkey like F6 or F9 or Alt F6 etc etc. Is there a way of setting this up?

  main identity 21:42 20 Jan 07

looking in netguide magazine came across this program might be what you are looking for

called ZenKeys

click here

hope this helps

from way down under

  boxoffice 13:01 21 Jan 07

Thanks - Zenkey has done the job

  main identity 01:36 22 Jan 07

Hi boxoffice
Glad it worked

your welcome anytime

from way down under

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