setting up email in nintendo wii message board?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:38 30 Dec 10

I know how to register friends email addresses in the wii message board address book but how do i set up my own email with the wii message board?
It is gmail i want to set it up with.
It is fully connected to the internet and fully up to date.
i really would love to try that, emailing mates via the wii message board.

I know about the wii freiend codes but we havn't got round to phoning friends yet for their wii friend numbers

  Jwbjnwolf 10:52 31 Dec 10

i have watched that video but it was quite hard to understand what she was saying.

I wonder if she is always being reminded to open her mouth when she specks.
like a few of them hav said as comments on the video, redo video without errors. I agree with that.

I think i have worked out myself what you do.

As soon as you add a contact in the wii message board address book, it automatically sends an email and the number of the wii console is as the email address.
a little 'w' is at the start and [email protected]' is at the end of the number.

relised now that it has it's own email address and you dont link up an email like with outlook and all the other email address's.

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