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  thospot 18:55 31 Oct 06

My daughter who is new to computers has established a business email address that works (at last) on her business line (BTA). They are self employed.

She was with Wanado but apparently that has changed to Orange.. She wants to have her own personal email address but doesn’t know how to do it.
She has asked me to go up tomorrow to have a look at it but as you may have gathered over the years, I am not too clever at these things myself.. It probably is something simple, especially to you guys but I don’t want to look too much like a simpleton and would like to have a routine or system that I could go through when I get there.

Could someone please tell me what sort of procedure would you go through to resolve this thing. Thanks..

  anskyber 19:11 31 Oct 06

If its from her current ISP Orange she needs to speak to them about setting up an Alias e-mail address. It usually only allows for a change to the bit before the@ in any current e-mail address she may have.

  anskyber 19:16 31 Oct 06
  thospot 19:18 31 Oct 06

Thanks anskyber. Her email address is ridiculously long. I've never seen one like it. So you think I should go there and immediately phone Orange and talk to them about it.. Isn't that usually very expensive.

  Z1100 19:26 31 Oct 06

If you do have a website then the web hosting company, Storm Internet for instance will provide mail boxes galore and they will be relevant to the company name.

Web hosting is cheap too, I only pay £30 for 2 years.


  anskyber 19:27 31 Oct 06

You could look through the Orange web site for e-mail set up. When I was with them I did find the section for my own use but a quick look a moment ago was without success.

  anskyber 19:29 31 Oct 06

click here=$solution_id&docPropValue=kb3531

  anskyber 19:31 31 Oct 06

I'll try again. click here

  thospot 19:35 31 Oct 06

Thank you anskyber. I think your link has just about given me the answer to what I wanted to know and I shall study it tonight and perhaps copy a few things to take with me tomorrow.

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