Setting up e-mail on new PC

  WGW 18 Mar 12

I recently purchased a new family pc due to an increasing number of problems with our old one. The new pc is made by Chillblast and has Windows 7 installed and basically nothing else. I know I'm behind the times these days when it comes to computers but I thought setting up email, etc, would be fairly straightforward even for the likes of myself.

Both my wife and daughter previously had their own email addresses set up in Outlook Express but now that I've come to realise that OE is no longer available, my problem is that I'm not quite sure what I need to do next to get them back up and running. I'm still able to access my own email through my business laptop and mobile but that's no use to the rest of my family.

I'm aware of Windows Live but I'm a bit confused as to how email previously available through OE can now be accessed via this new arrangement.

Can one of you kind people please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance...

  Woolwell 18 Mar 12

Chillblast computers are supplied with very little software indeed as I recently found out. You will need an e-mail client to replace Outlook Express. The Microsoft equivalent is Windows Live Mail Live Essentials which is part of Windows Live Essentials. You do not have to download all of Live Essentials just choose (tick/untick) the parts you want. Be careful about Bing with it. Then you set it up for the e-mail accounts. It would be useful to make a note of the password and settings from the old computer.

If you want to transfer the old e-mails over that can be done too.

  robin_x 18 Mar 12

Mozilla Thunderbird is an alternative that I chose. I found it very similar to Outlook in 'feel' which suited me.

A wizard guides you through 1st setup as I remember. Then Tools > Account Settings to add more accounts.


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