setting bios for new processor

  jake2 16:32 08 Nov 03

Changed athlon 1500+ for athlon 2600+, (the biggest processor my motherboard will support, asus a7a266) Problem is bios seems to suggest that system is running at 1333mhz the speed of the 1500!What have i done wrong or not done!Thanks in advance.

  Rayuk 16:44 08 Nov 03

Have you bought a 266[133]fsb Athlon or the 333[166] as the board is limited to the 266 cpu.

  jake2 16:59 08 Nov 03

The processoe is 266mhz

  jake2 16:59 08 Nov 03

oops! thats processor!

  Legolas 17:15 08 Nov 03

Is there any jumper settings need changed on the M/B?

  jake2 17:21 08 Nov 03

Sorry very limited knowledge of bios! no idea where to start with jumper settings.

  clucker 17:41 08 Nov 03

Hi just had the same problem. 1st check your motherboard info check this web address click here(133) you need to set the Jumper switches, actually on the motherboard.

  clucker 17:42 08 Nov 03

Sorry ignore the "(133)"

  Rayuk 18:06 08 Nov 03

You have bios 1012 installed I presume?

  jake2 18:10 08 Nov 03

Sorry dont know what bios 1012 is.

  Rayuk 18:23 08 Nov 03

When you boot up your computer and the 1st screen shot comes up showing cpu and memory count, pause the screen using pause button,then look near the top of the screen for bios number should be something like ver.1009 1010 1011 or 1012.
If it is not showing as 1012 you will need to flash the bios to run this cpu at its proper speed.

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