Seting up wirless security

  Legolas 20:12 13 Jan 06

I have a wireless network and am aware that they can be open to breaches of security. I have tried to enable security on my network but it is a bit over my head. Can anyone give me a blow by blow account of seting up encryption security on a wireles network.

  silverous 20:41 13 Jan 06

The manual usually has a quick start guide or something like that.

Main pointers:

- Look for the option to disable SSID broadcast (a bit like being ex-directory but not quite!)

- Enable WEP/WPA encryption

- Use Mac Address Filtering (you'll need to find out the Mac address of your (wireless) network card. To do this, go to a command prompt and type:

ipconfig /all

look for the Mac address next to your wireless card.

Having said that - the manual that came with your kit is the best bet.

  Legolas 21:16 13 Jan 06

Thanks silverous. After I posted the question I googled it and followed the fist link which had me secure in 5 minuted, I probably should have done that in the first place. Here is the link click here

  woodchip 21:25 13 Jan 06

Set like this. ad hoc No Good for security. Should be set for Infrastructure for Wireless, then set to WPA-PSK (no server)

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