set up second hard drive

  march 10:43 26 Jun 06

Hiya, have been given a second hard drive & what I want to do is set it up as a spare, all ready to run if the need arises, I wonder, is it possible to install onto it my ntl broadband & set-up then connect modem etc back to the old hard drive without it affecting my internet connection & set-up on the first hard drive. Probably sounds a silly question but I don’t want to install broadband then find that the first hard drive wont let me connect as usual.


  rawprawn 11:06 26 Jun 06

I can't think of any reason why not.

  march 11:19 26 Jun 06

thanks rawprawn, just being careful before I go forth & do it,once did something before checking it out with you experts & made a right mess; vowed never to go there again!
bit concerned in case ntl have something in their systems that would prevent me from reconnecting back to internet on the first hard drive.

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