Set my mind at rest please!

  Zurdo 09:48 09 Apr 04

I have 2 comps. running XP. They are sharing a BB connection using ICS with a crossover cable etc, without file or printer sharing enabled. My query is why when they are both sat idle, is ther so much traffic between them. The local area connection status says that in a couple of hours the host has sent about 14,000,000 bytes and recieved about 7.000.000 bytes. Is this normal and what is this traffic. Forgive my ignorance but I'd just like to know. The host has the XP firewall enabled the client hasn't and both have av running.

  anon1 10:42 09 Apr 04

I would imagine as with any network, the 2 machines are simply talking to each other to establish that they are still in touch. If you look at the broadband modem you will see the activity light is very active even when your machines are turned off. If you are really worried about it put zone alarm on the host machine (turn off xp firewall if you do that) so that you can see if anything is talking to the outside.

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