jack 13:48 25 Jan 03


Being a member of a local U3A
[ University of the Third Age - A retired persons educational organization]
I am more and more being asked by my pensioner buddies to look at their
computers when they get into trouble with them.
Mostly this is no problem -having been messing with them for 20 years or so
[Who remembers Atari and Amiga?] and having built my last three PC's
However I am sometime stuck .
See the current Laptop query on this list.
So I am lookng for a comprehensive Repair/Service manual.
Thers is a lot out there and I have been searching the web[ Amazon et al]
but sseeing titles, ISBN numbers is not the same as seeing the book
Any reccomendatons anyone?

  Altair 20:08 25 Jan 03

I bought a book from Amazon which was called The Power of Tides as I was interested in this subject and I received it a couple of days later.
It was a book of Prose----Poetry to the rest of us. So, be careful what you choose and don't forget they are a damn site cheaper and have a much larger store than your local book shop.

  BrianW 23:10 25 Jan 03

Upgrading & Repairing PCs by Scott Mueller is a good start. ISBN 0-7897-2303-4. I have ed 12, but I think it is probably up to 13 or 14 nowIt ain't cheap, mine was £36.50 notional price but you can get it discounted if you are lucky.

  spuds 23:30 25 Jan 03

Over the past couple of years,I have purchased a number of 'service and repair' manuals.Depending on your circumstances, I would visit your local PC World or local library for a browse as to their stocks. The books that I have, can get heavy, both in content and price.Scott Mueller's range is very good, but heavy reading for the less ambitious.

  annie35 23:36 25 Jan 03

sorry for butting in but i to am a bit interested in the book Upgrading & Repairing PCs by Scott Mueller can you tell me if i will find it in my local library and can you suggest any other books as well on this subject.


  BrianW 11:58 26 Jan 03

Annie - I have never seen it in my local library but they have had other reasonable, fairly basic PC maintenance / upgrade books in. I think there has been an Idiots Guide to - - and other similar. I got the Mueller book when I started building my own system and found it useful - but bits of the content date very quickly as a result of new technology constantly arriving.

  LAMINA 13:27 26 Jan 03

pc upgrade and repair bible by Barry Press.... but mine was £42.99 about 6yrs ago..
http//click here

Scott Mueller UPGRADE & REPAIR £27 from (hard back) £40 from PCW

  annie35 15:30 26 Jan 03

i was just on amazon and found a big list of pc upgrade and repair books here is the link check it out
click here


  spuds 15:32 26 Jan 03

One of the book clubs had a division specialising in computer books at discount prices.Details are usually via computer magazine leaflets. But be a bit wary as to terms and conditions, which may result in prolonged purchases.Still recommend a visit to PCW and browse their stock.I tend to find libraries have 'dated'publications,but perhaps worth asking staff for more information, as they can 're-direct'latest supplies.

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