service pack for xp

  el jimbo2 09 Oct 11


I am having trouble loading service packs for a basic level win xp 32-bit.

What's the easiest way? Service pack 2 no longer available, and 3 doesn't install without 2.

I have tried installing 1 several times and get srver time out message.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Oct 11

Sp2 here

  Forum Editor 09 Oct 11

I'm afraid the Windows XP service pack support dates have all expired.

Perhaps it's time to consider upgrading to Windows7.

  onthelimit1 09 Oct 11

To install SP 3, you must have SP 1. You do not need SP 2. Make sure you dfownload SP 1 from MS here

  onthelimit1 09 Oct 11

FE - I bow to your superior knowledge (and apologise for my poor typing speed)!

  onthelimit1 09 Oct 11

Just a thought. If you really can't get this to work and want to stay with XP, you can get genuine XP SP 3 CDs from ebay (I did, and use them to reinstall XP when necessary).

  robin_x 09 Oct 11

I found two versions of SP3 when I needed them in days of yore.

I used the Network version since the other one used to hang on install. (ignore the warning, it's fine on a network of one)

XP SP3 Network

  Forum Editor 09 Oct 11


My knowledge isn't that superior where Windows XP is concerned - it's been a long time since I had anything to do with that version of Windows. It's still possible to download the Service Packs apparently.

  onthelimit1 09 Oct 11

FE - ah, OK, that's what I thought, as I've been reinstalling for others recently.

  SB23 09 Oct 11

SP3 as an iso image from here,

Use it to create a cd, it does speed the install time next time, although you do still get more updates afterwards.

  el jimbo2 09 Oct 11

Tried sp1, server timed out (for a change).

Tried sp2, it needs .net framework 2 to run. Downloaded it, and sp2 still won't load.


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