Service Pack 3

  thumbscrew 10:14 05 May 08

I understand that Service Pack 3 can now be installed. Has anyone done that yet, or is it wiser to wait?

  Declanworld 10:20 05 May 08

I've installed it and it's great for getting the fixes post-SP2. One warning though: after a reformat and after installing SP2, install your sound driver before SP3.

  €dstowe 10:33 05 May 08

Why so anxious?

I suggest that that you wait for MS to sort out their continuing problems with this before even thinking about installing - even now at the last minute it's gone back yet again for a revamp.

I'm waiting a good long time before even thinking about installing this - I've been caught out by faulty MS update in the past.

  thumbscrew 10:41 05 May 08

Thanks both, I think I'll wait.

  johnnyrocker 10:43 05 May 08

ditto; patience is a virtue, run a search and you will find many overzealous (dare i say greedy) people who have had no end of problems because of impatience.


  Stuartli 10:46 05 May 08

Despite the pessimism some have expressed, I've had no problems whatsoever with either SP3 RC2 or the Final version.

  thumbscrew 10:49 05 May 08

One thing, Declanworld can you give some more information about the sound driver comment?

  brundle 14:52 05 May 08

What's greedy about downloading a service pack?

  thumbscrew 16:42 05 May 08

The only service pack that makes me greedy is a six pack of Stella Artois!

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