service pack 2 + firewall

  flobby 12:13 24 Aug 04

Hi All,
I have not yet got the service pack as I believe it is not going out 'till the end of the month for XP Pro.BUT, my question is Can i turn off XP's Firewall ( I belive it turns it on by default)Because I use Zone Alarm Pro and I wish to carry on with it.
Chers, Flobby

  bremner 12:16 24 Aug 04

Yes you can very easily

  flobby 12:26 24 Aug 04

Easy is as easy is, if you know how.
I have never had to so how do I ?
Thank you. Flobby

  ventanas 12:41 24 Aug 04

Control Panel\Windows Firewall.

  flobby 12:52 24 Aug 04

Thank You

  CurlyWhirly 13:11 24 Aug 04

To disable Windows XP firewall go to START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL > NETWORK CONNECTIONS and then right click on your 'internet connection icon' and select PROPERTIES > ADVANCED.
It should be there.

  Mikè 13:34 24 Aug 04

Follow ventanas procedure (under SP2) not so long winded as the above.

  CurlyWhirly 16:51 24 Aug 04

The reason why I gave my long winded reply was because Flobby doesn't have SP2 yet and I know of NO other way to disable XP firewall!
If you know how I can get the 'Control Panel\Windows Firewall' option under SP1 I would be very grateful?

  ventanas 16:59 24 Aug 04

It doesn't appear in Control Panel until you install SP2. When you do the method you describe, which is fine pre SP2, becomes somewhat redundant. At least flobby now knows both ways.

  CurlyWhirly 22:49 24 Aug 04


  Mikè 22:55 24 Aug 04

flobby's thread is entitled "service pack 2 + firewall" so I think your statement is in fact the redundant one.

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