service pack 2

  davo1967 22:50 28 Mar 08

hello, tried to install sp2 from the microsoft disk and my pc crahed so i formatted my hard drive because i read somewhere that spyware might be detremental, anyway i managed to get things up and running again after a day and a half ( had a few problems with drivers ) so when i had done all that i tried again, same thing, crashed and burned, my specs are 2 gig memory, sempron 3400+, 80 gig hard drive, x1600 pro graphics card, anybody any ideas please.

  LABMAN 23:36 28 Mar 08

Could it possibly a problem with the disc it's self, you could try downloading SP2 from the Microsoft website and try running it from your PC to see if that works.

  woodchip 23:50 28 Mar 08

You may have faulty ram try with one stick at a time.

  rdave13 23:54 28 Mar 08

Try; click here

  woodchip 23:57 28 Mar 08

Also check all the fans are working full speed.

  davo1967 07:47 29 Mar 08

hello, i tried installing from the website aswell, and as for the ram is there anyway i can test them while they arte in the machine ?

  johndrew 09:52 29 Mar 08

You can check memory with MemTest click here or click here either using a floppy or by making a CD and booting from it. A single cycle will take around 45 minutes and details of failures will be shown in a bar beneath the test details.

  davo1967 17:09 29 Mar 08

could you explain how to use the memtest please, thanks.

  johndrew 09:54 30 Mar 08

Which will you use floppy or CD?

If floppy, download that version (normally a compressed - zipped - file) expand it and put a formatted floppy in the drive. Click the installer in the un-zipped file and let the floppy be installed. Re-start the PC and boot from the floppy, wait for all the tests to complete at least once and see what the results are.

A CD is similar but you will download an ISO file for installation to a CD.

  davo1967 10:36 30 Mar 08


  davo1967 21:21 31 Mar 08

Well i could,nt get the memtest to run but i did get the windows diag tool memory test to work and i let it run all night and found no errors, i am going to test the cooling fan speed and let you know how i get on.

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