server to internet

  loco 11:59 31 May 03

My server has been configured to work as ftp/web.

I found names like: domain name, static IP address, purchasing domain name, subdomain, etc. Could you please make sense of this.

How do I do all of the above, or I do not need to think about it.

For example will my ISP allows me to have unrestricted traffic to and from my server. Where should I look to have reliable information about domain, ISP and prices.


  AndySD 13:24 31 May 03

There are many security considerations in doing this....can you set the stop intruders getting into your server.... if not they may well get not only your passwords but also access to your whole network...and thats just one consideration.

If you still wish to go ahead then go to your ISP's website and look at their terms and conditions. Then see if they provide you a fixed IP Address.

If all is ok then this site may help click here

  Terrahawk 13:29 31 May 03

if you cant get a fixed ip adress this site may be worth a look click here

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