Serious hard drive crash

  jimmer409® 18:22 24 Apr 07

May be just coincidental, but the other day installed a 256m internal memory card to my xp home motherboard, shortly thereafter got the blue screen and computer crashed, something to the affect of winsys32, rebooted, all okay, short time later crashed again. want go indepth, but in the end main hard drive down, will read and load the system restore disk, but will not boot windows. Mystery!!! last night installed Ubuntu on hard drive, runs well, reboots, etc. burning question, would a defective memory card take out the hard drive, and if so why will it not boot from xp but will from ubuntu???? all help appreciated. new hard drive here tomorrow, removed questionable memory, have powerquest image on slave drive, should i try to boot master with powerquest and restore from image

  Batch 18:27 24 Apr 07

I take it that you tried booting Windows with the 'new' memory removed, as this could have been the cause of all your problems.

  jimmer409® 18:43 24 Apr 07

yes removed memory, the bios wil still not detect the hard drive, again is it possible for bad memory to destroy the hard drive?

  jimmer409® 19:47 24 Apr 07

this is the burning question, would a defective memory card damage the hard drive???

  Jak_1 20:02 24 Apr 07

Unlikely but may be coincidence. Is it possible for you to try the drive in another computer?

  jimmer409® 17:55 27 Apr 07

resolved, had to buy a new hard drive, thank bad memory took out the old one, puter now up and running fine. Hope this will help fellow members, I run a second (slave drive 120g seagete) and use it for storage/backup, us powerquest drive image 7, when i fit the new harddrive restored from image 7, perfect, as if nothing ever happened.

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