Serious Graphics Problems

  alexgray104 20:38 13 Jan 05

Having uninstalled my previous graphics card software, I installed my new and turned the computer on. Nothing happened. I had also previously disabled the onboard graphics, so that won't produce any results eeither. So here I am, with a 1 year old computer that won't display anything. I am currently typing this on my mates computer and I need to to get mine up and running again because I have some presentations that my boss needs. Please Help!!!!

  AndySD 20:44 13 Jan 05

You may well need to go into the BIOS/Setup as the pc first boots to disable the onboard graphics. (to enter the bios it will tell you the key to press as you turn the pc on,normally Delete)

Or are you getting no display at all. Also is the pc giving any beeps.

You may also want to make sure the new card is firmly in place.

  alexgray104 20:48 13 Jan 05

AndySD, Yes there is no sound at all and it is making beeps, what should I do?

  Graham ® 20:54 13 Jan 05

How many beeps, and pattern?

  Graham ® 20:55 13 Jan 05

Beep codes click here

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 20:56 13 Jan 05

if you are getting beeps make sure all cards and ram are seated properly then try again

  alexgray104 21:01 13 Jan 05

Graham, it's either 1 long and 2 short or 1 long and 3 short

  AndySD 21:06 13 Jan 05

Ok take the card out and then replace it. See if that works.

  Graham ® 21:15 13 Jan 05

Take the new card out. At startup, Windows should enable the onboard graphics.

  alexgray104 21:16 13 Jan 05

AndySD, do you mean take out the crd and put the same one in or take this one back and get another one?

  AndySD 21:30 13 Jan 05

Put the same one back in. It may just be the contacts didnt meet properly the first time.

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