Serious BIOS password problem

  knockin on 08:55 18 May 06

I was trying to make a change to my Fujitsi Amilo pro V2000 notebook BIOS, which was protected by a forgotten password. I searched the helroom archives and saw a number of situations similar to mine, - backdoor passwords - did not work. The final suggestion being reset the BIOS chip by disconnecting the internal battery for a short time. That seems to have been the fatal mistake. Prior to that I was locked out of only the BIOS settings. Now I have lost all access. I cannot even boot from CD. I am asked for a password. Does anyone know how I might gain access to the required password? would The manufacturer sell it to me? There has to be one or I would not be asked for it. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  martjc 09:01 18 May 06

...Is there REALLY a password? Have you tried just pressing enter when asked? How long did you leave the internal battery out? Several hours to make sure. It cannot remember a password if it has been drained of power - and it does take more than 'a short time' for it to drain.

May sound daft this but, it does not mean the heavy battery - it's a small button batt on the motherboard -

  knockin on 09:17 18 May 06

Yes I have tried just enter, no joy. The battery was left diconnected for about 30 mins, I suppose - yes the small button battery on the motherboard. It was certainly out long enough to radically change the situation, as I said above. I don't think I am being asked for the BIOS settings protection password any more. This is something else.

  Graham ® 09:24 18 May 06

Fujitsu help click here

  Graham ® 09:28 18 May 06

Start in Safe Mode. These links may not copy, search the site for password
click here

  Gongoozler 09:36 18 May 06

I think this computer has a security password system. If I'm right I think you'll have to contact Fujitsu Siemens to unlock it click here.

  knockin on 09:49 18 May 06

Thanks v. much for these links, I will investigate them and get back to you all asap. As this is not my machine (obviously as mine is dead!!!) I am not sure how long this will take. Will leave the thread open in case of more ideas, - there is a lot at stake here. Thanks again.

  knockin on 10:35 18 May 06

OK. the links were helpful and you are right Gongoozler, Fujitsu want it back to reset. Quite rightly, they also want proof of purchase and a fee.
Moral - password??? write it down - even if in code. (altho a painting in which you cannot tell the men from the women may be going a bit too far). Thanks for the support, will tick now, and await its safe return.

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