Serif Webplus 6 view from mobile device

  johnincrete 10:31 19 Jul 13

I am thinking of upgrading from version 5 to 6 because the sales blurb on the Serif website says that a normal full-sized site can be viewed from a mobile device. This would be a distinct advantage.

  1. Has anyone used Webplus 6 for mobile access?

  2. Is there another way?

  RobReed 14:47 24 Jul 13

John you can make narrow mobile-freindly web pages and regular size ones in the same site with WebPlus X6. It has screen size detection and redirection for visitors to show them the right pages. I also read that the text blocks work with smartphone tap-to-zoom even on 'normal' pages.

Dunno about full size pages being especially different for mobile devices in the new version, maybe that's talkign about not needing Flash? The sliding banners, navbars, photo galleries etc will all work without Flash. Rob.

  elsalvador 13:22 30 Jul 13

I don't have experience with it, but I'd recommend making the change. Mobile is the way forward!

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