SerialATA - Old Technology???

  WaTcHiNg 20:22 28 Mar 03

Well, I've just left a local well known PC store. Having got a motherboard with 2 SerialATA connectors and needing a new disk drive, I thought I'd ask about the drive availability.
I spoke to the technical service department rather than the shop floor assistants.

The conversation went:
Me: Hi, do you have a range of SerialATA hard drives?
Shop teckie: No, we don't have any of those because it's really old technology.
Me: Are you sure we're talking about the sa....
Shop teckie (rudely interrupting): Yes we aer, it's been out for ages and it's going to be relaunched because it's old technology
Me: You are talking about the same SerialATA also known as ATA150 aren't you?
Shop teckie: Yes of course. We don't do any because it's old technology now.

Well, unless I've gone forward in time a couple of years and missed a complete generation of PC technology, I think he's got it wrong.

Can someone confirm that I'm still living on earth and this guy was just generally talking bobbins?

Oh, the PC shop by the way - PC World in Blackburn, Lancashire!

  powerless 20:23 28 Mar 03

SerialATA is the newer form of connecting up a drive...

Faster speeds...


Old it ain't.

  Rayuk 20:56 28 Mar 03

They have them at click here

  AMD 4 ever 21:01 28 Mar 03

Please shut one thread!

  WaTcHiNg 21:11 28 Mar 03

Sorry - thought I'd stopped the posting to helproom after realising it was more of a consumer issue.

This thread is closed, please post to the one in consumerwatch

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