serial number program

  duck1 09:48 30 Mar 04

Would anybody know of a program that gives you the serial numbers of components in your computer eg hard drive ram video card etc as i am taking my comp to the shop for a upgrade on some components just want to check the serial numbers against the new components just in case he said he replaced a part and charged me when actually he did not. better safe then sorry.Thanks guys and girls

  Old Shep 09:54 30 Mar 04

Could try this does not give you serial no's though click here

  johnnyrocker 10:04 30 Mar 04

what about system properties.


  duck1 10:14 30 Mar 04

I think there is a program just for the serial numbers msdos i believe i have tried belarc and system propities but it does not give you the srial numbers though

  JerryJay 10:30 30 Mar 04

I do not think any program could give you serial numbers for hardware components. Software, possible. Open the case, check it out maybe is the only solution.

  computernerdiamnot 10:49 30 Mar 04

What are you upgrading on your computer??????

  edstowe 13:29 30 Mar 04

If you are so untrusting of your shop, think about going elsewhere!


  Peter 14:21 30 Mar 04


How about marking the items, you intend upgrading, with a permanent marker pen. You can make your marking obvious or secret, it's up to you. Then just check the items after the "upgrade".


  pj123 14:37 30 Mar 04

I agree with edstowe. I do repairs, installations and upgrades daily. I don't pretend to do something and charge for something I haven't done. Why are you so suspicious?

  JerryJay 15:18 30 Mar 04

DIY, save money and not worry ripe off

  pj123 15:31 30 Mar 04

JerryJay. Yes, that's another way. But I don't rip people off. They tell me what they want, I give them a cost and they agree or not. If they agree I do the job, if they don't agree that's their problem.

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