pcwhizz 20:08 07 Aug 03

I am purchasing a Shuttle XPC which supports SATA.
It comes with the SATA data cable but I have been readinhg reviews about SATA hard drives and people have had problems with not having the power and data leads included. Could anyone please explain to me why SATA needs special leads and what are these leads.

p.s the Hard Drives I was looking at were OEM.

  Djohn 20:47 07 Aug 03

click here have a read here at Toms hardware guide, may help. j.

  DieSse 21:08 07 Aug 03

Why all the confusion - Serial ATA drives simply need different data connectors/cables and power connectors. That's how they were designed.

Inparticular, being serial data transfer, there are only a few wires, rather then IDEs parallel trasfers with control lines - which needs lots of wires.

Don't know quite why they changed the power connectors - probably just for lightness, smallness, lower cost, easier manufacture.

  Rayuk 21:14 07 Aug 03

In a nutshell they are different types of connectors than are on ide drives.
You can buy converters for them.
click here

  Rayuk 21:15 07 Aug 03

If you go to above link
bottom item for power connecter

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