Sending to a hotmail account

  Jo2001 13:11 09 Oct 07

I am trying to send an email to a account and the person is not recieving it.
It is definatly the correct email account.
Any ideas?

  Technotiger 13:20 09 Oct 07

If you are trying to send it as it is not surprising - you should be using the persons email address, but do NOT show any email address here.

  Jo2001 13:21 09 Oct 07
  Technotiger 13:23 09 Oct 07

PS - make sure also that the email address is spelt absolutely correctly - the slightest error, like perhaps a , instead of a . or a space where there should not be one, would be enough to prevent it being received.

  Technotiger 13:23 09 Oct 07

Try [email protected]

  Technotiger 13:37 09 Oct 07 is not necessarily wrong, that is a normal email address. But as I said spelling has to be spot-on.

  bruno 14:40 09 Oct 07

Try sending it to yourself and see if you receive it.It may be that the person you are sending to has some filters set which are stopping yours getting through.

  wee eddie 14:51 09 Oct 07

Get them to mail you from the Hotmail Account they want you to send to!

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