sending fax over the internet free

  girl-in-need 20:17 10 Jul 06

Is there any way tosend faxs over the internet for free. Is there a free program or is it somethingi activate on my computer. I see something about a fax wizard but it doesn't do anything...or does it?
Thanks in advance for any help received.

  sean-278262 20:24 10 Jul 06

Google is my best friend

click here

However as I am so nice here is the search term

"free fax sending"

And here is the answer

click here

btw all that took under 30seconds

  Stuartli 20:25 10 Jul 06

You'll need a dialup modem - it can't be done on broadband; both can be configured on the same system.

Windows has always included an excellent fax program (go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Add/Remove Components and select the Fax Console (in XP).


click here

  spuds 20:27 10 Jul 06

click here click here click here click here click here

Some printers with the relevant software, will send faxes through the analogue line.

  girl-in-need 20:28 10 Jul 06

I have DSL is that going to be a prob?
Let me try these suggessions and see wat happens.Thanks

  girl-in-need 20:31 10 Jul 06

i really dont haveanymoney for this, i was hoping that there was something free. I live in Jamaica.

  girl-in-need 20:39 10 Jul 06

in control panel i see SoftV92 data fax modem with SmartCP, but what is that and how does it help me.?

  sean-278262 20:42 10 Jul 06

READ MY SECOND LINK! If you take some time to go through it you will find a number of different sites.

  Stuartli 20:43 10 Jul 06

That's what you need to send and receive faxes.

Go to My Computer (on the Desktop), right click, click on the Hardware tab, Device Manger.

Then go to Modems>find the SoftV92 modem listing, highlight and right click.

Select Properties to find out if it is properly installed and working.

Make sure it is set to operate in Jamaica...:-)

  girl-in-need 21:02 10 Jul 06

sorry creature of the nite, but the internet isnot really my thing, additionally i looked thru wat u sent and did not see anything for FREE. I mean no cents or dollars, i really have no money.

  Stuartli 21:06 10 Jul 06

Drivers for the modem can be found at:

click here

This appears to explain SmartCP (obviously not a fax program, but you have one already if you have Windows):

click here

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