sending emails

  tanzanite 15:10 28 Jun 03

as im sure you all no rather new to this pc business,just got bband with ntl,email account is with them but say im on a website and want to contact adress i get outlook express thrown up,how can i configure it so i reply through ntl if thats possible? also no intentions of using outlook is it safe to delete

  Wak 15:39 28 Jun 03

As far as I am aware you always need a mail program similar to Outlook Express to send e-mails.
You still use the ntl broadband but you can't send e-mails through any web site you happen to be using at the time.
You could use Hotmail through MicroSoft, however.
I'm sure some kind soul will put me right if I'm wrong but I don't think I am.

  Andybear 16:34 28 Jun 03

Or you can use NTL's webmail service. click here

  tanzanite 16:40 28 Jun 03

i do use NTLwebmail i can send and receive emails from there but its when im on a webpage and want to contact that i cant

  DieSse 19:48 28 Jun 03

"when im on a webpage and want to contact that i cant" -

Yes, afraid that's correct - you'll have to take a note of the email address, and do it seperately - or start a new page on the webmail site and cut and paste the address into it.

Webmail just works differently, and there's nothing you can do about that.

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