Sending email from my domain in Outlook 2000

  Mr Confused 20:31 09 Jun 08

I've recently purchased a domain name and email address from 123-reg which I will be using for my business email. I've managed to set up the email forwarding OK so that I can receive any emails sent to my domain and they are forwarded to my personal Blueyonder email in Outlook 2000 (and appear correctly with my business domain in the "To" field). However, I can't work out how to send emails uaing my business domain via Outlook. Whenever I do send any outgoing email, it uses my Blueyonder domain.

Just to confirm I've set up a separate email account in Outlook so that I have a blueyonder account and the domain that I have with 123-reg.

Can anyone confirm how I resolve this?

Any more info required please let me know.

  Woolwell 23:04 09 Jun 08

I am not sure that you should have used email forwarding. If it is a POP3 mailbox then you should be able to set up an Outlook account for the 123-reg using their settings but using the blueyonder smtp setting. When you want to send you must choose the account that you wish to send from (using the drop down box just to the right of send).

Hope that this helps.

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