send to option in drop down menu

  bert52a 21 May 11

Some of the devices I connect to my pc allow me to use the "send to" option on the drop down menu when I right click a media file but when I use my YP-P2 Samsung player it doesn't show so I have to copy and paste the file.Is there a way I can get it to come up on the send to menu? ta

  Sea Urchin 21 May 11

This should help - how to customise the send to menu

Add to menu

  bert52a 21 May 11

Thanks urchin .This works for programs but my device doesn't appear on the drop down even though I've pasted it to the send to menu.

  rdave13 21 May 11

Try this, make sure your device is connected via usb. Click start and in the search box type shell:sendto. Leave the folder open. Go to computer and drag and drop your Samsung player to the sendto folder. This will leave the shortcut in the sento folder.

  bert52a 21 May 11

thanks rdave. I've done that but it doesn;t show when i right click- I've added notepad and that shows when I use the drop-down menu but following the same procedure for the samsung will let me paste bit then doesn't show when I use the drop down menu

  rdave13 21 May 11

Try dragging and dropping rather than copying and pasting.

  bert52a 21 May 11

tried it still the same result

  bert52a 21 May 11

sorted it out. The device will only let me send files to a specific "Music" folder and not to the device- unless I go thru a media player. So I've pasted the Music folder to the send to menu and I can now use it. Thanks everybody!

  rdave13 21 May 11

Strange but a good answer. Ta for the feedback. Click a tick on the right hand side to get the post resolved. Will help others in the forum when they browse here. Ta again.

  woodchip 21 May 11

Have you tried dragging it to your User Name one in Windows Explorer Not the One in Windows folder, but under C:\Documents and Settings your User Name Expand it to find Send To folder. For Win Explorer press Win Key Plus E key


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