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  fredjen 17:16 27 Feb 03

When I am in Word or other programme, when I go File - Send -To, all I have in the drop down menu is: Mail, Fax, routing recipient & exchange folder. When I accessed the send to menu in Explorer as advised in Tips & Tricks magazine spring 2003,it had all that I need, yet they do not appear when I select File/Send To can you help

  Lú-tzé 17:54 27 Feb 03

"Send to" in MS word, for example, is a different "send to" to that which is in explorer.

A solution would be to save the doc, then use explorer to navigate to where it is saved, and then right click and choose "send to" your choice.

  beeuuem 18:21 27 Feb 03

You can add other destinations to Send To. In the Send To folder, which is located in your Windows folder, create shortcuts to the destinations you send files to often, such as a printer, fax machine, or particular folder.

  beeuuem 18:42 27 Feb 03

Another case of 'read before you write' Word is , of course, different.

  Pesala 18:45 27 Feb 03

In Word and most other programs you can use File, Save As, to save a file to another drive.

  fredjen 09:48 28 Feb 03

Thanks everyone for replying, however I should have mentioned that I have also tried the Send To folder menu in windows which I have also amended to feature what I want, however they still do not appear. My system is ME so it should work? As I said before the items that do feature in my send to menu at the moment, that I want to amend, do not appear in my Folder (Send To) in Windows. I have not managed to trace where they live in my computer, I have tried search to no avail.


  leo49 10:01 28 Feb 03

You are placing Shortcuts in the Send To menu, aren't you?

To edit the Right-click Menu see here:

click here

Be careful when editing the Registry.


  Pesala 12:47 28 Feb 03

go to start>run, type sendto and the folder will open you can now edit whatever you like without having to trawl through folders to get there


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