phil46 11:19 27 Jan 06

I have a 4 year old computer which has a AMD XP 1.4 PROCESSOR socket-A will a sempron processor work on this ASUS MOBO?? as i can't find any so called
AMD XP processors other than on EBAY i never use this site now.

  andrew-196854 11:27 27 Jan 06

whats the model number of your asus motherboard

  rmcqua 11:28 27 Jan 06

No, sorry, Semprons are socket 754.
Athlon XPs are getting hard to find now but there are some socket A ones here:
click here

  Gongoozler 11:29 27 Jan 06

Have a look at these Socket A processors click here. Your motherboard may not detect a Sempron by name, although a BIOS update might help, but should work with ir anyway.

  Smiler 11:31 27 Jan 06

It will depend on whether your motherboard will take the higher speed processor. What motherboard is it?

  Smiler 11:32 27 Jan 06

Meaning a higher speed socket A processor of course :-)

  andrew-196854 11:34 27 Jan 06

if you dont know run this to find outclick here

  Totally-braindead 11:36 27 Jan 06

As the others have said, if your motherboard does not support the processor you would be wasting your money buying it. We need to know the model of your motherboard.

  phil46 13:09 27 Jan 06

Mamy thanks all.

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