sempron and heatsink compound

  KPC 09:44 27 Dec 05

I have bought a AMD Sempron processor, retail boxed, and included is the heatsink and fan. Do you still have to apply compound or not because there is no compound in the box. There is a pad though attached to the underside of the heat sink and i know that some processors connect to the heatsink using this only. Just want to check before proceeding because the last one i built used a athlon xp which needed the compound.

  sidecar sid 09:48 27 Dec 05

The pad is all you need.The instruction leaflet in the box will tell you all you need to know.

  gudgulf 09:57 27 Dec 05

The pad could be either a thermal pad which needs no paste or a protective pad to prevent oxidation of the contact area.In that case you need thermal paste.

It should tell you which it is in the paperwork that came with the processor.

If it doesn't, try one corner of the pad and see if it is easily removed....if it is then it is almost certainly just protective.If on the other hand the only way it will budge is by scraping it off with a knife it is a thermal pad.

If you are at all unsure then the safest thing to do is remove the pad and use thermal paste.

  Freddog™ 09:59 27 Dec 05

What sidecar sid said, it'll just work.
If you want to check leave it running for 10-30 minutes and check in the BIOS to see the temperature.
If it is around 50°C then it's fine.

  Freddog™ 10:00 27 Dec 05


  KPC 10:08 27 Dec 05

OK Thanks

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