Sempron ???

  dagbladet 20:05 11 Dec 04

Evening all. I'm browsing ebay for an entry level system for my mum. I'm coming across units with AMD Sempron chips. I've not been aware of them before. Is it kind of like a AMD 'Celeron'? if you know what I mean.

  dagbladet 20:30 11 Dec 04


  Belatucadrus 20:37 11 Dec 04

Yes, sempron is the new name for AMDs budget chip click here

  kimjhon 22:23 11 Dec 04

Does anyone know how fast a Sempron 2600 is compared with an Athlon 2600. I have just been fobbed off with one .

  bab5 22:38 11 Dec 04


Sempron 2600+ FSB 166 (333) Multiplier 11
Clock speed 1833MHz
L1: 128kB
L2: 256 kB (Full)

Athlon XP 2600+ FSB 166 (333)Multiplier 12.5
Clock speed 2083MHz
L1: 128kB
L2: 512 kB (Full)


  dagbladet 23:37 11 Dec 04

I think maybe dcdc asked the question better than me. bab5 looks to have answered it, but can you bab5, 5 or anyone tell me what that means in laymans terms please.

  VoG II 23:42 11 Dec 04

Is she going to be playing the latest processor-intensive games or performing incredibly complex calculations?

If not then the processor speed is probably not that important.

  dagbladet 23:53 11 Dec 04

Mainly surfing the net and e-mail. However, she's just got a digital camera and wants to play around with imaging and printing etc.

  shortcircuit 00:34 12 Dec 04

I have built a few systems with the Sempron 2400 chip . They work fantasticly well. The main improvement will be loads of fast ram( 3200ddr 2.5cas and at least 512mb) then overclock to 180FSB and bingo! A very fast system for less that £40! (Chip price)

  bab5 10:14 12 Dec 04


What it does mean is that Semprons will be slower than "equivalent" Athlon XP model numbered processors.

This does make a little bit of sense in that Sempron denotes a budget processor, mainly because it's pitched against the Celeron rather than the P4.

But as VoG™ has pointed out it's not that important if shes only surfing the net and using Office, gaming etc on the other hand ?? ;-)


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