Selling Norton on Ebay?

  seventiesdolly 18:05 09 Dec 06

I know it's not strictly a pc question, but I have just had a listing removed from my ebay seller account. It was for a genuine copy of NIS2005. What bugs me is that there are several other listings on ebay, as we speak, for the same item and i'm wondereing how come they haven't been removed?! Grr..

  Jackcoms 18:07 09 Dec 06

What reasons were given for your removal - if any?

  seventiesdolly 18:10 09 Dec 06

'unauthorized copies'

well, there was only 1 copy, and it was genuine......

  Jackcoms 18:12 09 Dec 06

I've never used eBay - but have you argued the point with them??

  seventiesdolly 18:14 09 Dec 06

I've just emailed them, but as they'll take till the new year to reply (probably), I thought someone here may have a clue.

  Jackcoms 18:15 09 Dec 06

As I say, I've never used eBay, so can't really help.

Probably another Forum member will come along soon (this side of the New Year, hopefully).

  Pamy 18:16 09 Dec 06

try relisting

  seventiesdolly 18:18 09 Dec 06

I was going to relist but I don't want to jeopardise losing my account which is what ebay said could happen if I do that...:-(

  Pamy 18:23 09 Dec 06

think you are stuck waiting for ebay to respond to your email. There site, they are the boss so to speak

  anskyber 18:24 09 Dec 06

Have you ever installed the software on a computer?

  Snec 18:35 09 Dec 06

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