Self build laptops

  TechMad 11:10 22 Feb 03

Does anybody know where I would be able to obtain brand new laptop parts so that I could build my own laptop in the same way that people can build desktop PCs.

  akzah 11:19 22 Feb 03

I don't think it is possible for you to get laptops parts such as new case and mobo. It is a much harder task for laptops as little space.

I would keep away from it

  TechMad 11:25 22 Feb 03

In that case, could you recommend a notebook supplier/builder?

  tenor 11:32 22 Feb 03

The ecs desknote seems to be made of fairly stock bits you can buy from them,but the case is a bit tacky.

  TechMad 11:45 22 Feb 03

Ok, I'll leave it there then.

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