Selective backup for recovery after clean instal?

  bumpkin 16:45 15 May 14

Not sure if this is possible. Can I backup just some programs like Imgburn, Speccy, Paragon, Partition Wizard etc without backing up the whole drive. Then do a clean instal of Win7 and recover them afterwards or do I have to start afresh.

  bumpkin 17:26 15 May 14

I thought so but if you can recover a whole drive onto a new HDD then why not some programs. I understand that I can't do it but would like to know why not as a matter of interest.

  bumpkin 18:56 15 May 14

Thanks for the explanation, looks like a clean instal imminent then, thanks to loads of crapware which seems to weazel its way in no matter how careful one is.

  bumpkin 21:31 15 May 14

Looks like the dastardly deed has to be done. What do you think are the first essential downloads, I would start with Avast and then Firefox.

  bumpkin 18:04 16 May 14

Tried a clean instal but problems, it went to "Start up Repair" without me choosing it and now seems to be in a loop whereby I cannot get into W7 any more whether the disc is in or not

  rdave13 18:49 16 May 14

Can you put the drive in a caddy, connect to another PC and format it? Then try again.

  bumpkin 21:35 16 May 14

It is booting from the CD but just wont work, it just goes to the start up repair option which I now cant stop even though I have taken out the disc. So I cant access W7 at all, not even safe mode, I am now using XP on the same PC if that means anything. I have tried recovery from a backup and failed to get that to work either. If I have to format it which it looks like I will can I use the format option on another system disc like XP or can I format it from within XP. At one point i did get the error 0x80070017.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:09 17 May 14

How to Recover from an Infinitely Looping Startup Repair Loop without Reinstalling Windows

click here

  bumpkin 12:34 17 May 14

Thanks for the suggestions. I am reluctant to format it just yet as I want to ensure that I have a working backup first, one of which seems to be running now but takes a bit of time. From FruitBats link I tried using the command prompt but when I tried CD \windows\system32\config the path could not be found. Assuming that this back up works I will start afresh.

  bumpkin 14:01 17 May 14

"Do you not back everything to a external HDD from both your dual boot operating systems?"

Yes I do but I didn't explain very well. When the W7 drive that I wanted to do the clean instal on got "stuck in the loop" I thought I would restore it from a backup then start again when I could access it.

  bumpkin 15:11 17 May 14

"So where are we now?"

Recovery from the backup drive was successful, it was 3wks old. Seems to have solved a lot of the problems I was having also so I will leave the clean instal for now until I am in the mood for another few hours of needless aggravation.

Thanks for your support.

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