Selecting Paragraphs in Word 2000

  westmoor 14:57 17 Jul 03

Does anyone know how to select alternate paragraphs in a Word document.
I have tried by holding down the control key but that selects all the paragraphs.
I need to apply styles to alternate paragraphs.

  VoG II 15:00 17 Jul 03

Select para 1. Hold down CTRL select paras 3, 5 ...

  westmoor 15:05 17 Jul 03

It doesn't Work all paragraphs become highlighted

  VoG II 15:09 17 Jul 03

Odd - it works in Word 2002 and I'm pretty sure I've used it in 97.

  Taff36 15:12 17 Jul 03

The quickest way I know to do this is using the Format Painter button. (Looks like a paintbrush)

Put your cursor in a paragraph whose format you want to emulate & DOUBLE CLICK the button. This enables you to make multiple selections of the paragraphs. (A single click only allows one selection.

Now take your cursor to the left hand side of the page and when it turns to an arrow (Selecting the line of text) drag it gently downwards to select the paragraph.

Release your mouse button and repeat on every alternate paragraph.

When you have finished you need to turn off the format painter by clicking the button again or pressing the ESC key at top right of your keyboard.

A little practice may be required but it is quite easy. This tip works well in Excel too when you need to match up cell formats e.g. Borders and Shading.

  Taff36 15:35 17 Jul 03


You are right - the control key tip must only work in Word 2000 and above. Just tried it on my old Word 97 and failed miserably.

Thanks for the tip though - It`s quicker than my format painter option!

  westmoor 15:41 17 Jul 03


Still could not get it to work,after selecting the first paragraph subsequent selections cancel the first

  VoG II 15:41 17 Jul 03

Sorry, my mistake this only works in Word 2002.

"Multiselection: You can select noncontiguous areas of a document, which makes it easy to format text in different places. You can also use the Find feature to select and format similar text." click here

  Taff36 15:51 17 Jul 03


Back to the old Word 97 computer........ Tried it again and my tip works. Something strange here. Are you sure you`re double clicking the format painter icon and letting the cursor change to an arrow before left clicking and dragging to select alternate paragraphs of text ?

My version of word is 97 Service Release 2 albeit running on NT4 which should make no difference.

  westmoor 16:02 17 Jul 03


Tried it again and it still cancels previous paragraphs when you select another

My version is Word 2000 (9.0.3821 SR_1)

Windows Xp home

  Mastermind 16:18 17 Jul 03

Great tip about the Format Painter tool. I didn't know you could double click it.


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