Seeking LG GSA-H10L DVD Writer

  Stylo 15:45 24 Sep 06

I have been trying to buy the above DVD writer as recommended in your Nov 2006 report. I can only find the GSA-H10N. What is the difference? Does anybody know if they are equivalent.


  spuds 16:02 24 Sep 06

Could be wrong here, but I generally find something like H10L/H10N is usually just a cosmetic change. The inners are usually the same. Have you tried a product review google search!.

  aca 16:23 24 Sep 06

Is this the one, looks a good price and I have used them before and service etc excellent
click here

  spuds 17:48 24 Sep 06

Here's a LGA GSA-H10NBAL click here

  Stylo 02:18 25 Sep 06

Thanks Spuds / aca it looks like problem solved.

  feb 10:03 25 Sep 06

Hi Stylo

As far as I know, the "N" is for
Non-Lightscribe, and the "L" is for Lightscribe!

  Stuartli 11:24 25 Sep 06

Just for information, LG's UK website doesn't list the GSA-H10L nor the GSA-H10NBAL, only the GSA-H10N.

aca's link seems to be for a GSA-H20L.

  Stuartli 11:26 25 Sep 06

The Scan link is for a GSA-H10N according to the text but not the model number listed in the heading (H10NBAL, but might be because it's a black version)...:-)

  Musicmaker 17:10 14 Oct 06

I sent an e-mail to LG about this and received the following reply:

The GSAH10L is due to be released in the UK at the end of this month. It is not possible to say where they will be available as they are purchased by various dictibutors who then on-sell them. It is most likely that they will be available from PC World, Comet and Currys

Yours Sincerely,
LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
0870 607 5544

I also sent several e-mails to PC Advisor Magazine and they couldn't even be bothered to reply. Interestingly in the latest edition of the magazine the GSA H10L has been dropped from the top 10 listings and replaced with the non lightscribe version GSA H10N as the No.1 choice with simply the explanation that it is the same drive without lightscribe. There's no mention of the fact that last months magazine recommended a drive that can't yet actually be bought in the UK.

  Stuartli 17:17 14 Oct 06

In fairness to PC Advisor, the staff member who tested the Lightscribe version was probably not even aware that it would not go on sale for so long.

It was probably tested around two months or more ago now.

You can probably lay the blame at Lucky Goldstar's public relations company, which is very likely to have sent out GSA H10L drives to various computer magazines for review purposes...:-)

  Stuartli 17:18 14 Oct 06

Posting sounds a bit like an advert for Carlsburg - probably...:-)

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